Six Cylinder Benefits Engine

Six Cylinder Benefits Engine

We use the illustration below (click image to enlarge) as a foundation of our process and how we communicate and implement benefits:

Perceived Value Chart

Transition your Benefit Spend from an Expense to an Investment

CBC is an employee benefit advisory firm focused on helping our clients drive the highest return on the investments they make in their employees and the benefits offered to them. Typically, the expenditure for employee benefits and especially health insurance is significant for all employers. We believe our process helps groups maximize their return on this investment while continually enhancing the employee value perception

We know that effective communication can have a dramatic effect on how employees perceive the value in their benefit program. But it is not all about communication. It is our belief that employers are not maximizing their return until they are proficient in 6 disciplines related to the administration of the employee benefit program. Just like a finely tuned engine, an employer needs to be firing on all cylinders to maximize performance and efficiency.

We call the six cylinders in our benefit engine the six C’s. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Confidence in Decision Making – Can you, with certainty, state that the plans offered are the best offering available for your employees within your budget parameters?
  2. Cost Containment – What creative solutions are you using to keep your premiums as low as possible?
  3. Communication – Do employees understand their plan, do they know their resources and most importantly, do they appreciate their employer for offering benefits?
  4. Compliance – Are all of your plan documents in place and update to date?  Can you pass a DOL or IRS audit?
  5. Cutting Edge Technology – It’s 2021; are you still using paper forms, can employees access information 24/7 and perform self-service for enrollment changes?  Are you happy with the buying experience your employees go through?
  6. Customer Advocacy – When something goes wrong, do employees have access to support that can resolve the issue without effecting productivity? 

CBC is a United Benefits Advisors partner firm. This relationship gives us access to tools, services and solutions that many local brokers are not able to offer without charging an additional fee.

Some of the services we can provide include customized benchmarking for medical plan benefits, electronic benefit administration and compliance solutions. We have access to a compliance office that can help reduce liability for our clients and an HR practice manager to help our clients develop effective HR processes and procedures

These are just some of the solutions we can provide. With UBA, the resources are vast. We think many of your members are probably underserved by their current advisors. They are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in benefits and not generating any return on that investment. Our process can help drive that ROI and create a better experience for their employees, helping them retain and recruit the talent that makes each company successful.

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